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Rotterdam is the head-office of the C. Steinweg organisation ever since the company was founded in December 1847 as a shipping agent. Handelsveem B.V. was created in 1895 by C. Steinweg, which resulted in C. Steinweg - Handelsveem B.V. Handelsveem was set-up to offer warehousing services which subsequently expanded into stevedoring and other logistical services.
The network of European offices has been growing ever since the 1950's with expansion into Asia and South America during the 1980's, followed by North America, the Middle East, Africa and Russia / Baltic in the 1990's.
C. Steinweg - Handelsveem B.V. has been active in South America for more than 30 years. We are currently located in Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico.

C. Steinweg Brazil has gained an excellent reputation as preferred broker for many of the major principals there, and participates in feasibility studies for large mining and smelting projects. Close contacts with ship owners and shipping lines have resulted in our frequent involvement in the chartering or shipping of various commodities.
Since its start in Singapore in 1984, C. Steinweg - Handelsveem B.V. has been building up an ever-expanding network in Asia. From our Asian head office in Singapore, we now operate a network of offices and warehouse locations in Hong Kong, Korea, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia. The first office in China was opened in 1991, and since then continuous expansion has taken place. Here, too, our major activity is providing services to the commodity trade. C. Steinweg - Handelsveem B.V. operates LME approved warehouses in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Korea.

C. Steinweg - Handelsveem B.V. expanded its activities to include the USA in 1990. From our regional head office in Baltimore, working with our own office and warehouse personnel, the locations New Orleans and Houston receive close and pro-active support. Baltimore and New Orleans are LME-approved locations.
In the 1990’s we opened offices in Dubai and from there we expanded further into the Middle East (Oman). India and the African continent, where important suppliers and consumers of raw materials are located, are becoming an increasing focus of attention. Besides being an important transit port for various destinations in the Middle East, Far East and the African continent, Dubai is also an LME- and DMCC-approved location.
When looking at the recent history of the C. Steinweg Group, you will see that we have developed in three dimensions:
- Geographically: from Rotterdam towards a global organisation

- Commodities handled: from metals and softs towards a wider set of commodities including chemicals, ferro-alloys, general cargo and project cargo
- Services provided: from warehousing, forwarding and stevedoring towards added value services such as crushing, screening, packing, blending and so on.

We thank you for all the business opportunities that have allowed us to expand and grow over the years. With your inquiries we look forward to growing and developing further with you and potential future customers.