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Our core activity is warehousing of a variety of commodities. Many of our warehouses are approved for the storage of commodities traded on the London Metal Exchange (LME), the New York Board of Trade (ICE), the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX/COMEX) and by the Minor Metals Trade Association (MMTA), whereas others are specifically suited for storage of specific commodities such as temperature/humidity controlled spaces or high security vaults. All the warehouses are in very good order and up to the high standards of the above institutions.
C. Steinweg has an up to date inventory system and experience with barcodes and RFID. We see it as our obligation to take the utmost care of your goods while stored with us.
Our facilities are fully recognised and accepted by major international banks and insurance companies. Our warehouse-receipts/warrants and releases are internationally accepted to facilitate "in-warehouse" financing and insurance of stocks held in our custody. C. Steinweg stores for both trading companies as well as producers from around the globe. 

  • LME approved warehouses are located in Antwerp, Baltimore, Barcelona, Bilbao, Busan, Dubai, Genoa, Gwangyang, Hamburg, Helsingborg, Incheon, Johor, Livorno, Kaohsiung, Rotterdam, Singapore and Trieste. For the applicable rates and conditions, please click here.
  • MMTA approved warehouses in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Baltimore.
  • CME/COMEX approved warehouses in Baltimore, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Barcelona.
  • ICE approved warehouses in Antwerp, Baltimore, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Genoa and Trieste.
  • SMX approved warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City
  • We have Skal approved warehouses in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Moerdijk.